Healthcare Crime Categorization Report by InfoMart
A Decade of Background Screening Data, 2008-2017

Did you know thatwhen compared to 25 other industrieshealthcare has the highest percentage of fraud-related convictions among applicants? Do you know how conviction rates have changed among healthcare candidates in the last decade, or what types of screening services other healthcare organizations typically use to vet their talent?

InfoMart’s team of global background screening experts have tracked the employment screening practices of thousands of employers and millions of applicants over the past ten years. This report represents a decade’s worth of proprietary background check data collected on the healthcare industry.

This report analyzes a variety of trends relevant to HR professionals, including:

  • the healthcare industry’s conviction hit rate
  • the most frequent convictions among healthcare candidates
  • crime classification trends
  • the background check services healthcare organizations typically order

Ready to make informed hiring decisions? First, know the facts about background screening in your industry.

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